Upcoming speaking engagements – May 2023

I have a couple of speaking opportunities starting next week with MS Tech Summit in Warsaw and later this month I’ll be flying to Norway to speak at NDC Oslo.

MS Tech Summit - Warsaw

MS Tech summit is a conference dedicated to Microsoft technology with 100+ speakers and 8 concurrent tracks. The conference is both Virtual and in person.

In my talk I will show how to develop .NET applications using AWS services and C# and the tools and services .NET developer can use to run their code in the cloud.

As a bonus there’s a 30% discount if you register before May 10th.

If you haven’t heard about NDC Oslo – you should! It’s one of the leading software developer conference it’s a 5 day event with more than 180 sessions delivered by 165+ speakers many of which are leaders in their field.

I will be speaking about how to plan and write automated tests for ASP.NET microservices.

I’ll talk about the different types of tests, how to write unit, integration and end to end tests for you microservices and how to test your applications running in your data center or in the cloud.

When not presenting I plan to be at the AWS booth, answering questions on .NET and cloud computing.

So there you have it, if you attend on of these conferences, stop by and say hello.

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