Refactor “if” statements – functional programming style

Have you ever seen code that look like this: public string GetStatusDescription(Model model){ if(model.HasProblemReports) { return "Errors"; } if(model.SystemState.WorkingMode == WorkingMode.NotManaged) { return "Manual"; } if(model.SystemState.IsInitializing) { return "Initialize"; } if(!model.SystemState.InService) { return "Not in service"; } if(model.SystemState.WorkingMode == WorkingMode.Paused) { return "Paused"; } if(model.Storage.Objects.Any(obj => obj.IsMoving)) { return "Movement in storage"; } return string.Empty;}I … Continue reading Refactor “if” statements – functional programming style

CodeRush Express Available as free download

It seems that DevExpress (along with Microsoft) are giving away an "express" version of their tool CodeRush. You can read all about it here - CodeRush Xpress announced and available From the download page: Supported Features: CodeRush Xpress includes the following features. Duplicate Line Highlight All References Increase or Reduce Selection Smart Clipboard Operations Generate … Continue reading CodeRush Express Available as free download