Upcoming speaking engagements – User groups, meetups & AgileTD

It’s been a while since my last local appearance – too long in my opinion. Luckily I have a chance to remedy that:August 19th: I’ll be speaking at the IL .NET Developers user group (IDNDUG) about Navigating the TDD alphabet soup. I’ll be speaking about TDD/BDD/ATDD, their origins, how (and when) to use them and … Continue reading Upcoming speaking engagements – User groups, meetups & AgileTD

AOP sessions on IDNDUG

I’ve just come back from my dual session on AOP on the local user group. The first part was introduction to AOP – what is it and why should you care.I’ve also reviewed several ways to implement AOP in your code from functional programming to full AOP frameworks.Introduction to aophttp://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=introductiontoaop-120321143232-phpapp02&stripped_title=introduction-to-aop&userName=dhelper View more presentations from Dror … Continue reading AOP sessions on IDNDUG