Upcoming speaking engagements – User groups, meetups & AgileTD

It’s been a while since my last local appearance – too long in my opinion. Luckily I have a chance to remedy that:August 19th: I’ll be speaking at the IL .NET Developers user group (IDNDUG) about Navigating the TDD alphabet soup. I’ll be speaking about TDD/BDD/ATDD, their origins, how (and when) to use them and … Continue reading Upcoming speaking engagements – User groups, meetups & AgileTD

Broken windows and software development

In 1969 a car with no license plates was parked with it’s hood up in the Bronx. Within minutes it was vandalized and stripped. That car was part of an experiment to test a theory called “broken windows”.The Broken windows theoryThe original broken windows theory was introduced in 1982:Consider a building with a few broken … Continue reading Broken windows and software development

DevGeekWeek 2014

Those you know me (or read my blog) know that I’m passionate (with a capital P) about software development, clean code and of course unit testing. And I’m happy to be given the opportunity to talk about these topics as part of The DevGeekWeek 2014 conference. The DevGeekWeek is a week of all things software … Continue reading DevGeekWeek 2014