#Nose – the unit test discovery tool

One of the benefits of programming in C#/VB.NET is amount of tools available - from Visual Studio to build servers to unit testing frameworks it seems that there is a tool for every job. I thought that my .NET tool belt has everything I need until recently, while learning Python (actually IronPython) I’ve discovered Python-Nose … Continue reading #Nose – the unit test discovery tool

New StackOverflow Notifier Released

This is a maintenance release until I finish the new features I’ve promised. Changes: Added Proxy Support so that users behind firewall can use SO-Notifier. I’ve done a few changes to reduce the bandwidth overhead of the application.   As suggested by Jeff Atwood I’m using gzip http header specified to reduce network bandwidth. It … Continue reading New StackOverflow Notifier Released

StackOverflow Notifier update

Due to a (stupid) bug I accidentally caused SO notifier to poll the StackOverflow site every half a second. The new version has a polling interval of once per hour. In case you want to use StackOverflow Notifier use this newer version instead so your IP won't be banned.