#Nose – the unit test discovery tool

One of the benefits of programming in C#/VB.NET is amount of tools available - from Visual Studio to build servers to unit testing frameworks it seems that there is a tool for every job. I thought that my .NET tool belt has everything I need until recently, while learning Python (actually IronPython) I’ve discovered Python-Nose … Continue reading #Nose – the unit test discovery tool

New StackOverflow Notifier Released

This is a maintenance release until I finish the new features I’ve promised. Changes: Added Proxy Support so that users behind firewall can use SO-Notifier. I’ve done a few changes to reduce the bandwidth overhead of the application.   As suggested by Jeff Atwood I’m using gzip http header specified to reduce network bandwidth. It … Continue reading New StackOverflow Notifier Released

StackOverflow Notifier update

Due to a (stupid) bug I accidentally caused SO notifier to poll the StackOverflow site every half a second. The new version has a polling interval of once per hour. In case you want to use StackOverflow Notifier use this newer version instead so your IP won't be banned.

If you’re using StackOverflow Notifier – Read this!

This morning my client has stopped working on my computer. After checking the usual suspects (network connection, proxy server etc.) I discovered that only http://www.stackoverflow.com blocks my web requests. After a quick search on the Internet I found the following post on StackOverflow blog: We’ve noticed there are a number of users running a script … Continue reading If you’re using StackOverflow Notifier – Read this!

SharpPDB – .NET Class that reads and writes palm OS files

I'm the proud owner of a Palm Tungsten E2 device. It's amazing how this old device is still much better then newer mobile windows devices. It has great battery life, quick response time and easy to use PIM. And it seems I'm not only one that thinks so - you can read about it download … Continue reading SharpPDB – .NET Class that reads and writes palm OS files