Where are all the VB.NET blogs?

When I started learning .NET I learnt mostly by reading examples and tutorials I found on the internet, I read sites such as Code Project and .NET 247 from front to back and found several blogs that eased my way into the .NET world.

During my quest to become a good .NET developer I came across many examples and tutorials written using VB.NET, in fact I learnt to code in VB just so I can read them and won’t be limited to “C# only” information. At the time it seemed to me that there was a 50/50 ratio between C# and VB information on the web.

At the beginning of the .NET era (1.x) it seems that the .NET world was split to two different “camps” – Developers with previous C++ experience mostly preferred C# while software developers from the VB6 world found VB.NET more to their liking. I remember that one of the most debated topic of that time was which language is better C# or VB.NET (BTW – I think that neither one).

Nowadays it seems that the .NET posts I find on the web are mostly C# oriented, could it be that VB programmers decided to finish the C#/VB feud by becoming C# developers or did they just stop writing?

I confess – I prefer C# mostly because I write code faster using it, after years of C++ It is the programming language I think in. But obviously there bound to be software developers with previous Visual Basic (or Delphi) background that prefer VB.NET from the same reason.

Then why is it that when I posted a question on StackOverflow about the preferred .NET language for programming not one answered “VB”?

One can argue that perhaps most users of StackOverflow are C# developers and a proof of that there 1-10 ratio between questions tagged with VB (1363) to those tagged C# (12405). Even if it’s true – where do VB’ers go to discuss their issues and and when was the last time you actually saw VB.NET blog?

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

3 thoughts on “Where are all the VB.NET blogs?

  1. Good to know that there are still demand for VB.NET development.

    So why aren't you writing about it?

    In every single .NET talk I've done there was never demand to show the code in VB.NET – it seems that C# is the only language out there – while being my favorite language I think we need the diversity.

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