#Nose – the unit test discovery tool

One of the benefits of programming in C#/VB.NET is amount of tools available – from Visual Studio to build servers to unit testing frameworks it seems that there is a tool for every job.

I thought that my .NET tool belt has everything I need until recently, while learning Python (actually IronPython) I’ve discovered Python-Nose (or Nose).

Nose is one of these almost trivial tools that after using it for a while it’s impossible to go without it. All it does is find all your unit tests (in multiple files) and runs them.

continuous integration is where this tool really shine – instead of running your unit testing tool of choice several times all you need to do is run the tool once and it finds all of the unit tests and runs them.

Hello #Nose

I’ve searched the web but couldn’t find a tool like Nose for C# – so I’ve decided to write one.

The new tool is called #Nose (SharpNose) and it can run unit tests written in C#/VB.NET from a specific directory:


Running #Nose

Running #Nose is simple:

  1. Configure NUnit directory (where nunit-console.exe): SharpNose.exe –config
  2. Run all unit tests in a specific directory: SharpNose.exe <target directory>

Currently #Nose only support NUnit tests – stay tuned for additional unit testing frameworks in the (near) future.

Is it free?

Yes! in fact I want you to use it – all I ask in return is your feedback.

This is a new program and it can become a cool application with your help – feel free to use email, blog comments and #Nose website for the following:

  • Feature requests
  • Bug reports
  • Let me know what you think
  • Anything else you can come up with


#Nose is hosted on CodePlex at: http://sharpnose.codeplex.com/ – download it, use it and let me know what you think.

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