Ruby on Rails – A Jumpstart for .NET Developers review


I’ve just finished watching Dustin’s Ruby on rails course last week – and the new things I’ve learnt are still sinking in.

PluralSight is a great resource, it  has a huge library of online training and I have used them from time to time to learn new technologies and methodologies.

And so I jumped on the opportunity to check a new course by Dustin Davis – a ruby on rails introduction for .NET developers.

In 2 hours and 39 minutes Dustin shows just enough of Ruby and Rails to create a website from the data layer (SQL) up to the html views.


The course consists from 6 parts the first being a short (and to the point) introduction followed by a chapter on Ruby that manages to teach a new language without being trivial, afterwards a dive into the Rails framework, chapters on views and Active Record and finally a “putting it all together” section that uses the lessons learnt during this course to create a fully functional web site.

This course is intended for .NET developers with some web development under their wing – ASP.NET WebForms/MVC, but you don’t need to be an expert that written a Facebook clone in order to benefit from this training.

I found this course interesting and informative – and after finishing it I know just enough Rails to start using it – should the opportunity arise.


I recommend this course to .NET developers that want to learn a new way of creating websites along with the added benefit of learning a new language – it won’t make an expert out of you but afterwards you would look on web development in a different way.

One thought on “Ruby on Rails – A Jumpstart for .NET Developers review

  1. Ruby on Rails is an object oriented programming language that creates development simple and exciting. It is combination of Smalltalk's idea, Python's convenience of use and studying ideas, Perl's pragmatism.

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