DevGeekWeek 2014

Those you know me (or read my blog) know that I’m passionate (with a capital P) about software development, clean code and of course unit testing.

And I’m happy to be given the opportunity to talk about these topics as part of The DevGeekWeek 2014 conference.DGW_addmails_down

The DevGeekWeek is a week of all things software development and is scheduled for the 22-26 of June and will be held in the Daniel Hotel in Hertzelia (Israel).

CodeValue is responsible for the Extreme .NET with C# track with great speakers including yours truly.


I’ll be delivering two sessions on the last day at the Code Quality, Testing & Automation with Visual Studio & TFS seminar:

We’ll start with a session by Alon Fliess about Architecting Code For Quality, then my colleague Haim Kabesa with Building Coded UI Tests with Visual Studio and Test Manager and after launch I get to present two of my favorite topics:

  • Writing Clean Code in C# and .NET
  • Building Unit Tests correctly with Visual Studio 2013

I’ll talk about code and readability, avoiding stupid bugs and unit testing for the .NET developer – using Visual Studio to make it all happen.


See you there!

4 thoughts on “DevGeekWeek 2014

  1. I don't get it 😐 You don't store the copy of the shared_ptr in MyObject, received in constructor parameter ?

  2. The problem is with the nested shared_ptr (shared_ptr) – the one which is created only for the c'tor of MyObject It's been a while but if I remember correctly I did not store MyFactory I just used it inside the c'tor which had some very interesting consequances

  3. I see. Seems like shared_ptr did its job, nothing surprising here. But of course, finding this kind of a bug, when you don't know what is exactly that you are looking for, is another story 🙂 Thanks for the reply

  4. Ups I don't like statement like

    auto i = 5;


    Do we go back to Fortran times and use nI like int just because starts with n.

    Better would be to change how int works and have it like> gint16 or int16 or what so ever…

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