Azure IoT Hackathon

Yesterday (technically today) I participated in an Microsoft Azure IoT Hackton at IronSource offices.

When I heard that several CodeValue consultants were asked to come and I knew I asked if I could tag along.


Microsoft organized a great event – good venue, food (Pizza!) and very talented developers.

10915136_10152776995923768_4074683655461051494_nEach team had Raspberry PI (Model B+), Arduino (Yun) and/or Tessel and needed to create an innovative solution using an Azure backend – with not a lot of time to spare.

We CodeValuees got to meet talented and enthusiastic developers and to help them to utilize these new cool “IoT” devices. And let me tell you – my three years worth of high school electronics classes really helped.

We continued hacking until midnight then each team got to show what they’ve created:

  • an application that provides directions to the closest free toilet a.k.a “Smart bathrooms” (2Seek) B7bTIz2CQAEX3vZ
  • Dog tracker
  • parking spot finders (1st place)
  • and many more that I didn’t had a chance to see.
  • B7dBKibCEAAN23e (1)

In-between working with other teams we even managed to hack our own solution – meet the new CodeValue parking gate controller (Park-Value?) with permission management applications for the web, desktop, IOS and android:


It was an awesome event – we got to write code in JS, Python, something that looks like C (Arduino) and even C# (actually only Ariel). We’ve played with several controllers and connect resistors to other components (did I mentioned high school electronics 🙂 ).


I definitely plan to continue hacking using Raspberry PI/Arduino/Tessel/ perhaps even blog about it.


Until then – Happy coding…

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