New Pluralsight course – Unit Testing C Code in CLion

From time to time I get the feeling that I have too much free time and so I set myself and look for new challenges, and although the last year has been challenging to all of us I’ve still found myself committed to create another unit testing course for Pluralsight.

This time it’s unit testing in C using JetBrains excellent CLion IDE. I did not know what to expect from unit testing in C course but once I’ve started recording I found myself adding more and more content until by the end of it I’ve found that on top of covering unit testing and CLion integration, I’ve also found time (late at night) to add a quick introduction in mocking methods in C.

If you’ve been wondering how to test your C code or interested on learning more about what CLion can do for you – check out my Unit Testing C Code in CLion course.

I have been tiring especially with schools closing then opening (and closing again) and on top of that finding the time and place to record has been a bigger challenge than it used to be, since most of my family has been home most of the time. But it’s done now and now I get to rest – at least for a couple of days.

The good news – now I hope to find more time to blog, I have quite a few posts I’ve been meaning to write but just could not find the time.

Until then – happy coding…

One thought on “New Pluralsight course – Unit Testing C Code in CLion

  1. The main highlight of CLion is superb refactoring tools not available from other vendors. Thanks for such an informative post! Really helpful!

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