Designing with Tests talk at IASA

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at the local IASA (International Association of  Software Architects). I talked about how to use unit tests to design software and the role of the architect when using TDD.

It was a good talk with a lot of good questions from the audience. We’ve discussed when to use TDD and its limits and I got to show a full demo of developing a real application using TDD from scratch.

Afterwards I’ve attended a panel with Gil Zilberfeld and Lior Israel where we talked about TDD, BDD, how the architect can use those methodologies as part of his architecture handout to the development team and answered questions from the audience.

The session was recorded and published on YouTube (in Hebrew)

I’d like to thank IASA for this opportunity – I enjoyed giving this talk and I hope I get more opportunities to discuss it in the future.

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