Free book for the tinkering developer

  • Have you ever taken a screwdriver to your TV just to find out how it works?
  • Do you know how your computer looks form the inside?
  • Ever pressed a button just to see what it does?

Sounds familiar? probably because part of being a software developer (I assume you are a software developer) is finding out how things works. Reading code someone else wrote is part of our job.

If you want to walk the extra mile and learn from monumental works of software development there is a book I recommend reading:

Dissecting a C# Application: Inside SharpDevelop

Cover of Dissecting a C# ApplicationEver wanted to learn how visual studio works – right now you’ll have to work for Microsoft or wait till they release the source code for their IDE (ETA a few minuets after hell freezes) instead you can have a look at another .NET IDE that is open source and has a book that explains how it (used to) work.

If you don’t know what #Develop is – shame on you. But you do not have to be a hard core user to learn from this amazing project. The book is a bit outdated and #Develop has changed a bit since the book came out but a few of the core architecture decision still live in the project.

The book explains the architecture and design decisions taken along the road and how various problems were solved along the way.

Read more about this book here. Unfortunately the book is not currently available from Apress (due to site maintenance problems) so until they get thier act together (read perhaps never) you can download it from daieng blog instead.Shared Source CLI Essentials

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