When would we get .NET Core 2.0 AWS Lambdas?

The short answer is… Soon?

During AWS re:invent I’ve hoped to finally hear about .NET Core 2.0 Lambda functions, and I did, but it was not what I expected.

You can see the good people of Amazon are hard at work, there’s a demo of .NET Core 2.0 towards the 13min mark. Hopefully soon we’ll get to see .NET Core 2.0 support soon. ‘

How soon? I have no idea…

On the GitHub page there’s a thread a mile long about this issue and as far as I can tell it’s in the works with many disgrounted developers which (just like your truly) need .NET Core 2.0 support in Lambdas so that we can finally migrate the old(er) .NET Core 1.0 code we’re forced to support.

The last reply from Norm Johnson is that it will happen – hopefully soon:

“Not much I can say on release date. It won’t be released in December but hopefully, fingers crossed, not much longer after this month”

So let’s hope the new year will bring good news for us .NET devs on AWS…


And until then – happy new year, and happy coding!

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