ConFoo Montreal – Here I come!

A few years ago I had to pleasure to speak at ConFoo Montreal and it was fun.

This is why I’m excited to have the chance to come to Montreal once again.Montreal 2018 | March 7-9, 2018
This time I’m not going to talk about unit testing, instead I have the following sessions:

Developing multi-platform microservices using .NET core – I’ve been working with Microsoft’s latest and greatest and I want to tell you all about it 🙂
In this session I’m going to show how to create micro-services using .NET Core,  and how to use Docker for deployment and testing.

Harnessing the power of AWS using .NET Core – In the last couple of years the AWS .NET team have created tools and libraries that enable running your .NET code in the Amazon cloud, I’ll talk about what worked for me – a .NET developer in the AWS world.

So if you’re interested in .NET you should come and listen and if not, with 9 sessions running at the same time – with 9 sessions running at the same time, throughout the three conference days –  you should find more than enough interesting talks.

And as always – if you’re around, please come and say hi

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