Free online AWS Workshops

Two weeks ago I’ve attended a workshop in the AWS offices. It was about EKS (Managed Kubernetes in AWS) and it was excellent!

There were a bunch of talented developers who came to learn and experience the latest and greatest with the aid of AWS architects but what really impressed me was the quality of the material provided by AWS. The tutorials and examples were good and easy to follow and in fact you can perform the entire workshop from the comfort of your home (or office) by following step by step tutorials. From setting up your Kubernetes cluster in the cloud all the way to deployment and monitoring.

It made me wonder if there are other such workshop which I can use to learn (or improve my knowledge) for other AWS services – and after a short search I’ve found a bunch of such – easy to follow workshops on GitHub

There are more workshops and samples where this came from, the cool thing is that most if not all are meant for self-learning, just follow the steps in the files and you should be up and running in no time.

So if you’re looking into learning new skill or improve your existing AWS knowledge – look no further, just remember that some of the resources used in those workshops are outside of the free tier and might cost you (very little) money – so clean up after you finish.

And until then – happy coding…

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