Upcoming (online) conferences

I love speaking on conferences! What’s not to like? – you get to meet passionate developers, teach and speak about things you care about and travel to interesting places…

At least until this year, things have changed a bit, no one is going to travel at least for a few more months but I’m happy to say that most conferences found a way to keep the show going, some postponed the conference while others decided on doing an online/virtual conference.

And so I’ll get to talk from the comfort of my own home (or office, I’m still thinking about it), in two conferences – first I’ll have an introduction to AWS at DevSum at the end of this month and then a new session I’ve been planning for years about maintaining legacy code at NDC Oslo.

and so I got my microphone and webcam ready and I plan to do the best I can to have fun and interact with the audience online. Of course some aspects of speaking at conferences will have to wait at least until we can travel again: having long technical talks, sight seeing and of course – improving my scotch “collection”:

Who, when and what

<DevSum> 28-29 May 2020

A software developer guide to working with AWS (link)

NDC { Oslo } 8-12 June 2020

The 7 commandments of the effective Legacy code maintainer (link)

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