Upcoming speaking engagements – AgileTD, DevMotion & NDC London

I’m going to have a good time in the next couple of months – I have several interesting speaking opportunities right around the corner:


In less than two days I’ll be traveling to Germany to attend AgileTD. This is my first time at that AgileTD but from what I hear it’s an amazing conference. This year there are several ATDD/BDD talks which I plan on attending – as well as contribute to, since on the last day I get to speak about A/T/B/DD in Navigating the xDD alphabet soup.


The next conference is on my home turf – CodeMotion is coming to Tel Aviv and I get to speak about unit testing mistakes and misunderstanding in 5 unit testing facts I wish I know 7 years ago.


This is the third time I get invited to speak at NDC London – one of the best conference I got to speak at with excellent speakers. This time I have something different in store – I’m going to do a session on Electronics 101 for software developers.


That’s it for now – wish me luck, and if you’re around – come over and say hello.

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